For sale houses villas Baneasa Iancu Nicolae Pipera Bucharest Romania
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For sale houses villas Baneasa Iancu Nicolae Pipera Bucharest Romania

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for sale 3 bedroom house #102919 - BLISS Imobiliare ID: 102919 - 7 August 2022
for sale 4 bedroom house #51432 - BLISS Imobiliare ID: 51432 - 27 June 2022

4 bedroom house for sale
Bucuresti Noi - Damaroaia - Chitila

170,000 EUR
  • House
  • P+1
  • 6 Rooms
  • 190 m²
  • Renovated 2006
for sale 2 bedroom house #36016 - BLISS Imobiliare ID: 36016 - 23 June 2022

2 bedroom house for sale
Bucuresti Noi - Damaroaia - Chitila

165,000 EUR
  • House
  • DS+HP
  • 4 Rooms
  • 200 m²
  • Built 1945
  • Suitable for office
for sale 4 bedroom house #33742 - BLISS Imobiliare ID: 33742 - 26 May 2022

4 bedroom house for sale
Bucuresti Noi - Damaroaia - Chitila

305,000 EUR
  • House
  • P+1
  • 5 Rooms
  • 250 m²
  • Built 2008
  • Suitable for office
for sale 2 bedroom house #102280 - BLISS Imobiliare ID: 102280 - 16 May 2022

2 bedroom house for sale
Bucuresti Noi - Damaroaia - Chitila

210,000 EUR
  • House
  • P+1+Attic
  • 4 Rooms
  • 117 m²
  • Built 2000
for sale 7 bedroom villa #107118 - BLISS Imobiliare ID: 107118 - 13 May 2022

7 bedroom villa for sale
Bucuresti Noi - Damaroaia - Chitila

750,000 EUR
  • Villa
  • 1S+P+1+Attic
  • 8 Rooms
  • 600 m²
  • Renovated 2021
for sale 4 bedroom villa #38836 - BLISS Imobiliare ID: 38836 - 12 May 2022
for sale 3 bedroom house #99212 - BLISS Imobiliare ID: 99212 - 16 April 2022

3 bedroom house for sale
Bucuresti Noi - Damaroaia - Chitila

460,000 EUR
  • House
  • P+1+M
  • 5 Rooms
  • 244 m²
  • Built 2005
for sale 3 bedroom house #11910 - BLISS Imobiliare ID: 11910 - 22 March 2022

3 bedroom house for sale
Bucuresti Noi - Damaroaia - Chitila

199,000 EUR
  • House
  • P+1
  • 5 Rooms
  • 190 m²
  • Built 2010

Preferred area for expat due to the International Schools in the area

For sale houses villas Baneasa Iancu Nicolae Pipera Bucharest Romania

The Baneasa and Jolie Ville mall offer luxury shopping options

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The history of the area

According to Wikipedia, at the end of the 19th century, Pipera (also called Tătărani) was a village of Baneasa-Herastrău commune in the Dâmboviţa area of Ilfov County and had 122 inhabitants; there was a threshing mill and a church dedicated to St. Elijah.

Later, in 1925, the village is listed as part of the Colentina-Fundeni commune of the Pantelimon net of the same county. Subsequently, after much of the Colentina commune was included in Bucharest, Pipera was abolished as a self-contained locality and included in the village and commune of Voluntari, a commune that became a town in 2004. In the post-revolution period, it has become from a small village surrounded by pastures, on the outskirts of Bucharest, one of the most famous residential districts.

In 1990, in this area were just warehouses, nursery and fields. "The area we are talking about, bordered by streets Petricani, Calea Floreasca, Barbu Vacarescu and Glucose Factory was occupied till ‘90 s by units of the former industrial platform Pipera, industrial platform specialized in the leading electronics industry. There were TVs factories, computer factories for software and hardware as well, special military equipment, they were relatively large units and good quality constructions, " told Sorin Gabrea, head of technical Planning Commission attached to City Hall.

Today Pipera is district of Voluntari city, district located in the vicinity of Bucharest sectors 1 and 2. It is separated from the rest of Voluntari through a partially wooded area, which is crossed by the highway Bucharest-Ploiesti.

The main artery of the neighborhood are Pipera Boulevard (formerly Pipera-Tunari), which overlaps DJ200B, a county road which connects Bucharest with Tunari and Balotesti villages; and Erou Iancu Nicolae street that starts in Pipera Tunari and leads west to Bucharest, near Baneasa Zoo and the Police Academy.

The area developed very much in the last years, with many residential compounds and has become one of the most popular office zones in the city. Daily, only with the subway, aproximatively 200.000 people are coming in this area at work.

The reasons for this development are explained by Sorin Gabrea below:

The lands in this area are all privately owned. Now it remains to be seen how legitimate this private property is, but all the platform under the conditions of the 1990s has been privatized. One of the reasons why the area has grown so well is that there were very large land plots of the former industries that allowed for optimal occupancy and efficient land use.

The second reason is transport infrastructure. This is one of the best irrigated areas in Bucharest. There is a subway, there is a tram on Barbu Vacarescu, Dimitrie Pompeiu, Petricani, and the prospect is to develop further because a critical point has already been reached due to the non-synchronization of public and private programs.

Another reason for the development of the area is available in the capacity of the public infrastructure. Being the former high performance industrial platform, obviously there is an important availability for electricity and methane gas. There was also thermal energy. These facilities do not require additional costs borne by investors to equip the area.

The type of housing

As mentioned before this area used to be 90% only houses and villas in the past. After 1995, an "el dorado" of land transactions began. Plots of land that were 1 USD/m² reached in 2005 the amount of 250 USD/m². In this time, more than 1400 houses were built here, transforming Pipera in one of the most expensive residential areas, with many residential compounds and new ones under construction.

Because there are many office buildings around and due to its proximity to Henri Coanda Airport, Pipera is home for many foreign residents. Tenants can choose from a variety of properties, depending on their budget, needs, family structure.

The prices of the apartments and houses are more expensive than Tunari and Voluntari. For example, a one bedroom apartment starts in general from 650 euro, while a two bedroom apartment starts from 800. A three bedroom apartment starts from 1500 euro. New developments generally include parking places and security. A villa in Pipera can be rented starting from 1000 euro and can be up to 4000 euro and more, depending of the usable area, facilities included, garden, location.

The residential compounds come in general with their own parks, playground for kids, security, maintenance services and additional services upon request and other facilities.

Sorin Gabrea, the head of the Technical Urbanism Commission attached to City Hall, presented his vision regarding Pipera development in the next years:

I think it is the most complex area in Bucharest in terms of real estate investments. The area will grow, it will soon have a complex profile. Conjugated to large-scale office and commercial investment, there are, according to my knowledge, important residential programs that will come as a complementary function to the service and the commercial side. These constructions will occupy the lands between the Bucharest-Constanta railway line, Pipera Highway, Avionului street and will functionally complement the area.

There will be residential complexes with relatively small but comfortable apartments that will especially offer the staff of the multinationals, young families, a 70-80 sqm home near the work place. If these residential projects are realized, I think the traffic in the area will decrease because many will take their homes there. There is a major change in attitude. it starts to matter more about the job you are looking for, rather than the home where you are looking for a job.

How to get there/Infrastructure, public transport, traffic problems

Pipera is located in the northeast of Bucharest about four kilometers from the city centre and about 12 kilometers up to Henri Coanda International Airport.

The district is served by Pipera metro station, the northern terminus of Bucharest Metro Line 2. The Pipera metro station is the third stop from Piata Victoriei.

Another public transportation option is the subway up to The Aurel Vlaicu metro station on the M2 line and from there 135 or 112 RATB lines.

Due to its fast development, dozens of office buildings bring to work every day only with the metro, 200,000 people. If in 1987, when Nicolae Ceausescu inaugurated Metro Line 2, 15,000 workers were working in the area, now 16 times more people work here, the metro stations being sluggish at the peak hours.

Added are those who come to work with the car, which creates infrastructure and reachability issues during rush hour due to the fact that the municipality is failing to develop the road infrastructure in step with the private segment. Although several tens of millions of euros have been invested in the area, two overpasses have been made on Pipera Road - Passage over the Bd. Barbu Vacarescu and the one over the railway, and the street was enlarged to two strips of meaning.

The passage over the  Barbu Vacarescu Boulevard was built by the City Hall and inaugurated in April 2012. The investment amounted to 32 million euros and included the extension of Pipera Highway to two lanes.

The passage over the railway was carried out by the City Hall 2 in partnership with the Voluntari City Hall and cost about 10 million euros, part of the sum being provided by European funds. Sorin Gabrea, chairman of the Urbanism Commission of Bucharest City Hall, says that the area has reached its maximum traffic capacity at this moment, but with some infrastructure projects the situation can be solved.

The private international and the public schools

Private educational institutions

Many expats moved with their families in the area. So in the last years many prestigious educational institutions opened in Pipera. Even if you are looking for primary education or high school, the offer is generous and you have where to choose from. You can see below a list of the most important private international and public schools:

American International School of Bucharest is the oldest and well repute international school. It was founded in 1962 by the US Embassy to serve the educational needs of the American and international expatriate community. As the school has grown, many local Romanian families have become part of the school community together with expatriate families from government, business, and social welfare organizations.


Address: 196 Pipera Boulevard, Voluntari, Ilfov County 077190 ROMANIA

Phone 0040 (0)21 204 43 00

Fax: 0040 (0)21 204 43 06


Questfield  is a British educational institution in Bucharest, Romania, that has been designing since 2003 its own educational concept. It is an organic school that constantly learns and develops, guiding teachers and children one step closer to their potential, to their happiness and freedom of reaching their best.


Adress: Titu Maiorescu Street, no. 26, Voluntari- Pipera, Ilfov

Phone: 0040 (0)21 267 41 34


Olga Gudynn International School is an educational institution with a bilingual teaching system (Romanian and English), established in 2001, nationally and internationally accredited, which currently accomodates a number of more than 600 children of different nationalities, aged between 2 and 14.


Kindergarden Adress: Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, No 82-84, Voluntari, Bucharest, Ilfov, Romania

Phone: 0040 (0)317172724 | 0040 (0)722889544


School Adress: Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, No. 5, Voluntari, Ilfov, Bucharest, Romania

Phone: 0040 (0)734411365 | 0040 (0)317172722


Mark Twain International School has been creating added value in the national and international education arenas for 20 years. Is a private, independent, co-educational school offering excellent English and bilingual (English-Romanian) international programmes of study to students from around the world. Is the first school in Romania to offer the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations to its students, as a Certified Exam Preparation Centre.       


Address: 196 Pipera Boulevard, Voluntari, Ilfov County 077190 ROMANIA

Phone 0040 (0)730 800 933 for English

Phone 0040 (0)724 000 900 for Romanian


The British School of Bucharest, founded in 2000, is an international British school providing the National Curriculum for England to girls and boys aged 2-18 in Romania. Unique amongst Bucharest schools, all of our teachers are first-language English speakers with experience of teaching the National Curriculum for England.


Adress: 42 Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, 077190 Voluntari, Ilfov County, RO     

Phone: 0040 (0)21 267 8919

         0040 (0)728 133 433

Fax: 0040 (0)21 267 8969


Little London International Academy - The Little London International Academy (LLI Academy) mission is to prepare and educate responsible people to act creatively, independently and tolerantly in a modern society. Thus, through the educational program in primary, secondary and high school, the emphasis is on individual needs and development capacity in an educational environment so that all LLI Academy community members can adapt to any society in a global system .


Adress: Iancu Nicolae Street, no. 65, Voluntari, Ilfov

Phone:0040 (0)721.689.762


Happy Children Academy


Adress: Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, no 47, Ilfov County

Phone:0040 (0)722.512.577    

Lycée Français Anna de Noailles


Adress: 160A Bucuresti-Ploiesti Street, Sector 1, Bucuresti 013697

Phone: 0040 (0)21 212 58 93

Fax: 0040 (0)21 312 09 74


State Educational Institutions

Kindergarten No.2 (also known as "Pre-Kindergarten No.1") in Voluntari

Adress: Bulevardul Voluntari, nr.100

Phone: 0040 (0)31 412 68 12


Kindergarden no 6

Adress: Soseaua Gh. Ionescu Sisesti, nr.66-68 and Str. Constantin Dobrogeanu Gherea, nr.74

Phone: 0040 (0)21 233 27 30


Kindergarden no 122

Adress: str. Baneasa nr.12

Phone: 0040 (0)21 232 01 79


Kindergarden no 206 - Baneasa

Adress: str. Dobrogeanu Gherea nr.156

Phone: 0040 (0)21 269 33 41


School No. 3 Voluntari


Adress: Erou Ion Serban Street, No. 1, Voluntari, Pipera, Ilfov County

Phone Director : 0040 (0)31/ 416.38.97

Email :

School no 6

Adress: Strada Constantin Dobrogeanu Gherea, Nr.74, Sector 1, Bucureşti

Phone: 0040 (0)21 233 27 30


College Harnaj

Adress: Bd-ul Ficusului, Nr.20-26, Sector 1, Bucuresti

Phone: 0040 (0)21 232 71 65


Aeronautical Technical College "Henri Coanda"Bucharest

Adress: Bd. Ficusului Nr 44, București

Phone: 0040 (0)21 232 36 16


Shopping and entertainment

Because the inhabitants needed places to shop or to spend their free time, a shopping park was also built, so what initially started as a Carrefour and Bricostore, quickly developed into a Metro, a Selgross Cash & Carry, an IKEA and most importantly Baneasa Shopping City and Jolie Ville Galeria.

Pipera could easily organize itself as a city, due to the important number of population, the police station, the church, shopping places and a large number of offices for the big companies.

Beside Zoo and Baneasa Forest, tenants can visit Edenland and Therme. Located in Balotesti, 20 minutes away from Bucharest by car, Edenland Park is an adventure park with a wide range of outdoor activities, both for adults and children of all ages. Its fairy-tale-looking tree houses accommodate guests overnight, while the Eden Ranch offers horse riding lessons. Children can also try here wall-climbing, paintball, the painting workshop or bike to see the sights. For children 2 to 8 years old, there is a dedicated playground, with hiking areas, slides, swings, trampolines and sand islands.

If you like practicing sports, swimming, or keeping in shape you have as well where to choose from. No matter what you would like to do, either to play tennis or football, horseride, practice your skills in a shooting range or dance, Pipera has many options.

The wellness and spa complex Therme has a dedicated area for families called Galaxy. It has waterslides for children of all ages, an indoor wave pool, a beach with palm trees, and a relax zone for health and pampering. During weekends, between 12:00 and 15:00, children are greeted by professional animators and fairy-tale characters.

Stejarii Country Club is the only club in Romania with a considerable impact on social and business networking. The Country Club Steakhouse perfectly combines a wide selection of leisure and sports facilities for both adults and children.

Fireballs is a football club that trains on the football field near the American Embassy and Baneasa Shopping Mall.  The sessions are all taught in English and the groups are age-based.

British Football School runs weekly training sessions for all age groups, as well as popular training camps during school holidays. Both boys and girls are welcome from aged 4 to 12 years old.

Swimming and gym: Atlantis Club, Planet Swim & Gym, Spalsh Academy for kids, Fit Time.

Tenis Club Pipera ( with a volleyball court as well), Vip Tennis Club School, ACS Nord Sport, Football Academy Mircea Radulescu.

Horseriding: Cavalcada, Palomino.

Shooting: Broz, two 25m and 50m recreational shooting rifles for gun and bullet gun, near the Free Press House, Sports Complex Shooting Range Iosif Sîrbu, Paintball Bucuresti

Dance School: Vertigo Dance, Dance Art Studio, Stage Academy, Instigo Dance School.

If you look for playground for kids, party restaurants for kids, indoor or outdoor playgrounds, here you have a list from where you can choose from: Kiddo Play Academy (inside the Baneasa Shopping City mall), Gymboland (inside Baneasa Shopping City),  Regina Ana Park, Jolie Ville Kids House, Wonderland Studio, Divertiland Playland, La Prajiturese,  Atelierul de Petreceri,  Zumbrava.

List of Residential compounds

In the last years many residential compunds has been built. Below you can find a list with some of them for inspiration, if you are looking for a property to rent/buy.

Adamas Residence

Address: Ilfov, Voluntari, Frasari nr.1

Adora Pipera

Address: Vasile Alecsandri Street, No. 1B, Pipera – Voluntari, Ilfov.

Avangarde Forest

Address: Matei Millo Street, Pipera, Voluntari, Ilfov

Belvedere Residences

Address: Fabrica de Glucoza Street, no 6-8, Bucharest

Catted Residences Pipera

Address: str. Emil Racovita 26, Pipera – Voluntari

Class Residence Pipera

Address: Pipera Tunari Street, no 1, Bucharest


Address: Ștefăneștii de Jos 077175

Diamond Residence
Address: Matei Basarab no 4, Voluntari 077190

Edificia Rafael

Address: Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae nr. 71

Greenfield Residence

Address:  București-Ploiești 42D Road, București 013696, România

H Pipera Lake .

Address: Bd. Pipera no. 1,Bucuresti-Noi, Ilfov, Romania

Ibiza Sol Residence

Address: Bloc Palma, Pipera Boulevard 198/4, Voluntari 077190

La Gloire - Residential Complex Pipera Vlad Tepes

Address: Strada Vlad Țepeș nr. 4-6, Pipera, Voluntari


Address: Pipera-Tunari road, no. 166-168, Bucharest.

MRS Residence Baneasa

Address: Aleea Meteorologiei, no. 17-19.

New Point

Address: Bulevardul Pipera, nr. 168 A

Onix Park North Area

Address: Drumul Nisipoasa, No. 46-52, Bucharest, Sector 1, Cod 013997, Romania

Oxford Gardens

Address: 141 Pipera Bd, Voluntari 077190, Romania

Pipera Residential Park .

Address: Mircea Eliade Street, Nr. 16, Ilfov Country.

Residence 5

Address: Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, no 29, Pipera

Stejarii Clubul Rezidential

Address: 14 Jandarmeriei Street, București

Sunflower Grand Residences



Address: 84, Erou Iancu Nicolae Boulevard, Bucharest


Address: Str. Fabrica de Glucoza 9B