CEE Investment Report Thriving Metropolitan Cities

14 October 2019 • Real estate

The stock of modern office space has been growing steadily over recent years and now totals 21.8 million sqm throughout the entire CEE region. Forecasted completions by 2021 will increase this number by a further 20% - to 26.5 million sqm. Last year’s commercial real estate investment volume across CEE reached approximately €13.2 billion, with over €5 billion deployed in the office market.

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Bucharest Romania has one of the highest seismic‐hazard levels in Europe.

3 May 2019 • Real estate

Bucharest Romania has one of the highest seismic‐hazard levels in Europe. The Municipality of Bucharest is one of the capitals with the highest seismic risk in the world. Bucharest is particularly vulnerable to seismic hazard due to: the high density of inhabitants, especially within the residential districts with blocks of flats; the old public utility fund; the out-of-date infrastructure; the numerous industrial parks that are undergoing a restructuring process, not to mention the inefficient organization of civil protection and poor education of the population regarding seismic risk.

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CEE Investment Market | H1 2019 | JLL

13 August 2019 • Real estate

Another record-breaking year for CEE? During the first six months of 2019 the CEE investment market saw a number of transactions for a total in excess of over €5.47 billion. Poland, with a nearly 50% of that amount, is the clear front-runner and it seems that, due to the extensive pipeline for H2, the country may approach the record- breaking volumes registered in 2018. In the Czech Republic, which accounted for 30% of those deals, investment appetite remains strong; however, the market there is hampered by a limited supply of prime assets and relatively high price expectations.

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Romania The country where 96% of homes are privately owned

20 November 2018 • Real estate

Romania ranks first in the world for private home ownership. But that doesn’t mean buying a home is easy. Romania touts the highest rates of home ownership in world. According to Eurostat data, 96% of Romanians live in owner-occupied dwellings. But government policies, economic shifts, fewer rental opportunities and mounting social pressure to become a homeowner means the experience of owning a home in Romania has been wildly different across generations.

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Testimonial Henrieke en Wim from the Netherlands

12 April 2019 • Testimonials

Since 2019 we live in Bucharest. Before we moved to the city, we didn't know anything about Bucharest and we had no idea of the pros and cons of the various locations and neighborhoods. Isfahan and Violetta helped us getting a view on all the different options and made a selection of apartments that were available before our migration. They arranged two afternoons filled with the viewing of different houses, negotiated about the price and as the result of that we now live in a great apartment on a beautiful location. Begin 2019 zijn wij in Boekarest komen wonen. Vooraf kenden we de stad totaal niet en we hadden geen idee van de voor-/nadelen van verschillende locaties en buurten in de stad. Isfahan en Violetta hebben ons onwijs geholpen bij de oriëntatie en hebben een mooie selectie gemaakt uit het grote aanbod aan appartementen. Na twee strak geplande middagen vol bezichtigingen hebben we een topplek gevonden waar we ons heel erg thuis voelen!

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Boekarest Jouwportaal

1 January 2019 • Resources

Boekarest Jouwportaal Http://

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NRCC Elects new Board of Directors 2019 - Mr Isfahan Doekhie Owner BLISS imobiliare elected for the tenth year!

7 March 2019 • News

The Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce has elected yesterday the new Board of Directors 2019, Congratulations to the 4 newly elected Board Members: We look forward to new beginnings and adventures!

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Middle East investors looking for agri investments Black Sea region

30 January 2019 • Investments

Our company has been approached by 2 Middle Eastern investment groups interested to acquire/participate in agricultural business in the Black Sea region.

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Underground Subway Metro Map Bucharest Romania

25 January 2019 • Resources

The Bucharest Metro (Romanian: Metroul București) is an underground rapid transit system that serves the capital of Romania, Bucharest. It first opened for service on 19 November 1979. The network is run by Metrorex. One of two parts of the larger Bucharest public transport network, Metrorex has an average of approximately 500,000 passenger trips per weekday, compared to the 2,650,000 daily riders on Bucharest's RATB transit system. In total, the Metrorex system is 71.35 kilometres (44.3 mi) long and has 47 stations

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Romania celebrates 100 years since the Great Unification

29 November 2018 • News

In 2018 Romania celebrates 100 years since the Great Unification. 1918. It is the year with the most anniversaries of events from Romania’s multi-millennia history. The Great Unification in 1918 resulted in all the historical provinces inhabited by Romanians to get together, within one single country, Romania.

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The Villa of the poet Octavian Goga, arch. Horia Creangă

7 November 2018 • Article

Designed by the pioneer of modern Romanian architecture, at the command of the Interwar Romania's last Prime Minister, the Octavian Goga Villa is one of the iconic houses in Bucharest. Named after its first owner, the great poet and Transylvanian politician, the villa was built between 1936 and 1938.

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Mazars short guide of moving to Romania: Tax perspective

7 November 2018 • Article

Given the membership to the European Union, Romania has a fully integrated employment market within the Single EU market and, as such, citizens of EU countries can freely come to Romania, reside here and perform activities, either as freelancers or employees of Romanian employers, as well as non-resident employers.

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US company opens cyber research & development center in Romania

1 November 2018 • Article

New-York based analytics company Verint Systems announced on Wednesday, October 31, the opening of a Cyber Intelligence Research and Development center in Romania. The new R&D center will be located in the Astoria Business Center in Bucharest, and Verint expects to hire dozens of employees over the course of 2018 and 2019.

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Romania’s budget deficit in first nine months, more than double compared to last year

31 October 2018 • Article

Romania recorded a consolidated budget deficit of RON 16.8 billion (EUR 3.6 billion) in the first nine months of this year, representing 1.77% of the estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2018. The deficit was 2.5 times higher in nominal terms and 2.2 times higher as a percentage of GDP compared to the same period of 2017, according to data from the Finance Ministry.

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Prepping your home to MAXIMIZE photo potential

25 October 2018 • Resources

Online It's where buyers start. The majority of home buyers start their search online, so it is important to make the first impression count! Follow these tips to prepare your home for the best real estate photos possible.

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Fiscul schimbă procedura privind contractele de chirie ale persoanelor fizice

24 October 2018 • Article

Fiscul pregătește modificări în ce privește procedura de înregistrare a contractelor de chirie, după ce o ordonanță din luna martie a Guvernului a eliminat obligația ca aceste acte să fie înscrise în cazul persoanelor fizice. Înregistrarea este, însă, o condiție legală pentru ca respectivul contract să aibă titlu executoriu, iar modificările procedurale vizate acum de ANAF vor acorda posibilitatea de a înregistra documentele persoanelor care doresc să aibă un astfel de contract executoriu

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GEFF - Romania Green Economy FF

4 October 2018 • News

Establishment of a Green Economy Financing Facility ("GEFF", the "Facility") in Romania to provide existing and new private Participating Financial Institutions ("PFIs") with credit resources in combination with comprehensive Technical Cooperation ("TC") packages.

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Romanian Labor Law for Expat Employees

29 September 2018 • Uncategorized

Both foreign employers and employees in Romania often have to deal with complex employment issues which can become far more adventurous than expected due to the Romanian legal culture relating to employment. Below are some insights on what aspects foreign employers and employees should take into consideration when dealing with labor law issues in Romania.

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Drumul Taberei: Utopia Interrupted. What happened to the ideal Modernist city on the edge of Bucharest

19 September 2018 • News

With the air rank with dust, thick with exhaust and deafened by the burr of drills and car-horns, Bucharest’s western district of Drumul Taberei is a typical zone of the Romanian capital, with its monotonous slabs of concrete, anarchic parking and war on free space. Where once there was Communist centrally-planned housing, lawns and open land, now there are new churches and supermarkets, while patches of grass between the blocks are gated off by the authorities, and littered with trash. Public space is no more than corridors that thread around cars, fences and building sites.

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Genesis Property opens first outdoor pool in an office park

21 September 2018 • News

West Gate office park, owned by Genesis Property, inaugurated the first outdoor pool with runway and rollerblading in Romania, located in an office park, following an EUR 1.5 million investment. The project is not a commercial investment, but an experience mainly offered to tenant employees that the real estate developer owns in the western part of the capital. The swimming pool and terrace set within the park stretch over an area of ​​5,000 square meters.

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19 September 2018 • News

Kik, one of the most dynamic German fashion brands, opens its first shop in Romania at Prima Shops Oradea, the project developed by Oasis Retail Development & Consulting. Kik will open here a 600 sq m unit at the end of September.Prima Shops strip mall opened nearly a year and a half ago in Oradea and reported some 4 million visits ever since. The project is 100% leased. This August, another international fashion retailer, C&A opened a 1,100 sqm store within the project.

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