Income generating investment opportunity Retail Park Otopeni | BLISS Imobiliare

15 December 2022 • Investments

Income generating investment opportunity Retail Park Otopeni. Finalized in 2021 and fully leased to major retailers. Situated in a highly visible location. Long term rental contracts with major retailers and possibility to further expand. Retail space of 2.865sqm GLA and 102 parking lots. | BLISS Imobiliare

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Colliers: Commercial property deals in Romania double in Q1 2023

10 June 2023 • Real estate

Investment transactions in Romania’s commercial property market totaled €120 million in Q1 2023, which was almost double compared to the same period of last year. The deal volume was driven by industrial and office projects, according to a Colliers report | BLISS Imobiliare

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REAL ESTATE New Land Book Regulation 14 February 2023

29 March 2023 • Real estate

The New Regulation aims at aligning the Land Book rules with other legal provisions – such as Law 7/1996 for cadastre and real estate publicity and Law no. 50/1991 on the authorization of construction works, as well as aiding in the digitization process of the Land Book processes. | BLISS Imobiliare

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Real estate in 2023: searching for stability as crisis looms

16 February 2023 • Real estate

Real estate prices did not decline in 2022, but they did experience a stagnation, only moving a few percentage points up from 2021 levels. Still, the real value of assets was lowered due to inflation. Inflation remains high at the start of 2023, and it is only expected to begin decreasing in the second half of the year | BLISS Imobiliare

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Large Scale PV Projects in Romania

11 April 2022 • Investments

Increasing the renewable energy share quota in the energy mix is demanded not only considering the decarbonization target, but also high and volatile oil prices in the current political context, as well as the constant desire for energy independence | BLISS Imobiliare

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Renewable energy – No PUZ for 50 ha projects

11 January 2023 • Investments

On 10 January 2023, a new amendment was published with a significant impact on renewable energy projects. The obligation to obtain PUZ (urban zoning plan) for the development of renewable energy projects located on agricultural land, with a maximum surface of 50 ha, has been abolished | BLISS Imobiliare

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COLLIERS: Top 10 predictions for CEE-6 in 2023

19 January 2023 • Real estate

Top 10 predictions for the CEE-6 real estate market in 2023. Colliers Central East Europe. Demand for renting and buying real estate should remain decent over the longer term in Romania and its neighbors, despite 2023 most likely being a bit more challenging than a regular year | BLISS Imobiliare

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06.12.2022 Buildings classified in various degrees of seismic risk in Bucharest

6 December 2022 • Real estate

Buildings with seismic risk in Bucharest represent an old problem on the public agenda of the capital for years. It seems that in Bucharest, in the past 27 years, the local authorities have rehabilitated only 20 buildings due to the insufficient number of specialists (only 8 people) from the mayor's office dealing with this problem. To solve this problem, the City Hall set up in 2017 two entities, with 263 employees, carrying out actions dedicated to this area.

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Real Estate consultant Herastrau Aviatiei Metro Pipera

17 October 2022 • Jobs

BLISS Imobiliare is looking for a new colleague. To help our prospects and owners in renting, buying and selling their properties. We are contacted daily by people interested to buy or rent a property. We are also contacted daily by owners asking our assistance in promoting their properties. | BLISS Imobiliare

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Coworking and serviced office spaces in Bucharest

16 October 2022 • Article

The concept of coworking and serviced office spaces entered the Romanian market in 1998, when Belgian group Regus opened its first location in Bucharest. Since 2008 to 2018 the total surface occupied by coworking operators grew from a little over 2,500 sqm to over 60,000 sqm | BLISS Imobiliare

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Living in Pipera Iancu Nicolae Bucharest | BLISS Imobiliare

11 October 2022 • Real estate

The Pipera Iancu Nicolae area is very popular with families with school going children. The area is mainly residential and has developed fast because of the proximity of the many private International Schools. Situated at the North part of Bucharest between Bucharest and the ring road (Centura). | BLISS Imobiliare

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Housing is becoming less and less affordable to Romanians due to the high cost of loans BUSINESS REVIEW | BLISS Imobiliare

5 September 2022 • Real estate

Transactions of apartments and houses began to decline starting from the spring of this year, as a result of high energy costs, rising construction materials and fuel prices, in addition to the rising costs associated with mortgages, Colliers consultants point out. | BLISS Imobiliare

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CBRE: Romania modern stock of office spaces reached over 4.3 mln sqm in Q2 2022

8 August 2022 • Real estate

With 76% of the modern stock of office spaces in Bucharest, the office segment has reached over 4.3 mln. sq m all over the country in the first semester of 2022, according to the Romania Office Destinations 2022 research special report, launched by CBRE Romania | BLISS Imobiliare

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NOER | Romania: Important amendments to the Romanian Fiscal Code

19 July 2022 • Investments

Government Ordinance no. 16/2022, published in Official Gazette no. 716/15.07.2022 on 15 July 2022, entails important amendments to the Romanian Fiscal Code. | BLISS Imobiliare

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CBRE: Romania Real Estate Market Outlook H1 2022

4 August 2022 • Real estate

The total investment volume in Romania reached EUR 323 mln. in the first half of 2022, 6% higher compared with the amount transacted in the same period of the previous year, according to the Romania Real Estate Market Outlook 2022 research special report, launched by CBRE Romania | BLISS Imobiliare

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JLL | Bucharest City Report Q4 2021 | 7 March 2022

7 March 2022 • Real estate

Despite the fourth COVID-19 wave in autumn, the Romanian economy performed very well during 2021, with an estimated GDP growth of 7%. Q4 2021 property investment volume for Romania is estimated at €337 million, almost 30% over the previous quarter and more than 4.5 times the volume registered in Q4 2020. | BLISS Imobiliare

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2 October 2020 • Investments

Forest land in the private property regime can be sold only if the right of first refusal of co-owners or neighbors is respected in this specific order. Only neighbors who are owners of forest lands have the right of first refusal. The state has the right of first refusal to purchase the forests | BLISS Imobiliare

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Top 10 most expensive properties sold last year in Bucharest

31 January 2022 • Real estate

The total value of the 10 most expensive One United Properties residential units sold in 2021 is EUR 34.12 million. The 1st place is occupied by a villa within the One Peninsula project, one of the most exclusive in Romania, developed by One United Properties on the shores of Lake Floreasca. | BLISS Imobiliare

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BLISS Imobiliare is expanding! Real Estate Consultant Iancu Nicolae Pipera

25 November 2021 • Jobs

BLISS Imobiliare is expanding! We are looking for a real estate consultant Residential and Lands for the Iancu Nicolae Pipera area. BLISS Imobiliare is a professional real estate agency active since 2006 in the Bucharest real estate market. We are one of the leading agencies in the Iancu Nicolae Pipera area. | BLISS Imobiliare

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Primavera Development and Griffes launch office project in Bucharest

14 December 2021 • Real estate

Primavera Development and Griffes have announced the launch of the construction of the Muse office building, to be located close to Miorita Fountain, in one of the most reputed office areas in Bucharest.

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The Floreasca neighborhood - a hidden gem in Bucharest Real Estate

14 July 2021 • Real estate

The Floreasca area is located in Sector 2 of the capital of Romania, Bucharest. Floreasca is one of the most exclusive and unique neighborhoods of Bucharest, due to the wide network of green spaces, proximity to the city center and the impressive modern architecture with a bohemian energy I BLISS Imobiliare

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