Residential rentals recommended by BLISS Imobiliare | 24062020

23 June 2020 • Real estate

Recommended this week by BLISS: Apartments and Houses for rent in Bucharest Ilfov Romania. Offers as from 400 euro upwards. Studio apartment to premium villas in residential complexes | BLISS Imobiliare

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Romania Insider | Housing for expats in Bucharest – what are the options?

25 June 2010 • Real estate

Romania Insider - First timers to the Romanian capital city should know that there are certain areas in Bucharest more likely to cater to their taste and that the traffic in the city will diminish the number of suitable offers. I | BLISS Imobiliare

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Q1 2020 CEE Investment Scene

22 April 2020 • Real estate

We are pleased to bring you the Q1 2020 CEE Investment Scene as a part of the Special Insight Series | Covid-19 Opportunities & Challenges in Extraordinary Times which takes a look at the first quarter investment activity in 2020 by country and sector, plus some of the themes that we see emerging.

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IMF sees 5% GDP contraction and double-digit unemployment in Romania

15 April 2020 • Real estate

The International Monetary Fund estimates a 5% decline for Romania's economy this year, followed by a 3.9% growth in 2021, according to the report "World Economic Outlook." As a result, Romania's GDP in 2021 will be 1.3% below the level of 2019 before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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RO developer gets building permit for boutique residential project

7 April 2020 • Real estate

One United Properties continues the series of real estate developments under the umbrella of the Neo brand. The company has received the building permit for the Neo Floreasca Lake project, the most exclusive residential development on the banks of Lake Floreasca.

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Skanska hopes to complete the sale of big office project in Bucharest

9 April 2020 • Real estate

Swedish developer Skanska has confirmed that it continues the talks for the sale of two office buildings within the Campus 6 complex in the western part of Bucharest, near the Polytechnic University. The buyer is reportedly Austrian group S Immo, the owner of the Sun Plaza shopping mall.

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The softening of the national currency could pressure rental costs

9 April 2020 • Real estate

In a volatile context generated by the Covid-19 epidemic, the local real estate market could be affected this year by the potential depreciation of the Romanian currency. The Covid-19 pandemic is expected to cause disruptions to various economic sectors throughout the world, including real estate.

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When investors call: How your business should talk about coronavirus

30 March 2020 • Real estate

As the next earnings season approaches, CFOs and other senior leaders will need to focus on addressing immediate concerns associated with the pandemic while resetting expectations. The rapid spread of the coronavirus has sent governments, markets, and communities on a fervid search for answers.

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Investor interest remain solid for Romanian assets

15 April 2020 • Real estate

Investors still show interest for real estate acquisitions Romania, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey conducted by Colliers International among more than 60 real estate companies.

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Romanian Real Estate Market 2019

8 April 2020 • Real estate

Bucharest, 8h of April 2020. Crosspoint Real Estate has issued its latest market report - Romanian Real Estate Market 2019, an in-depth analysis of all market sectors including investment, office, industrial, residential and land markets.

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Invest in income generating residential property

29 March 2020 • Real estate

When considering investing in residential real estate you are considering investing in one of the most consistent and most profitable investments available in the market. | BLISS Imobiliare

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17 March 2020 • Real estate

FOREIGNERS BUYING PROPERTY IN ROMANIA EU citizens can own land, apartments or houses in Romania, just like any Romanian citizen. Non EU citizens can't own the land belonging to a property, but can own the apartment or house. By setting up a company the land can also be owned!

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ROMANIA Colliers International 2020 TOP 10 PREDICTIONS

21 January 2020 • Real estate

TOP 10 PREDICTIONS At the start of each year, we find it is a useful exercise to envisage what may lie ahead. And for better or worse, we still find more reasons to be optimistic about the Romanian economy in 2020 than the reverse. Economic growth is still set to outpace that of most EU countries while, at the same time, all real estate segments still display robust growth, albeit a bit mellower than the record- setting paces seen in recent years.

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Colliers | Top 10 Predictions 2019 - Year-End Review

12 December 2019 • Real estate

At the start of the year, in January, we published our thoughts and opinions on some of the major trends in the Romanian economy and its real estate sectors. Before publishing the 2020 version of this report in about a month, December may be a good time to take a look 2019 through our earlier predictions, to see what we got right and what we got wrong.

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Smart Austrian Property Investment

1 December 2019 • Real estate

Austria is a favourite holiday destination, both in summer and in winter. It is easy to get to and popular with tourists from Benelux, Germany and the UK. Thanks to an increasingly prosperous middle class, more and more holidaymakers from neighbouring countries are also discovering Austria as an ideal holiday destination. Tourism to Austria has been growing for many years, so there is a big demand for good, comfortable holiday accommodation.

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For rent 200m2 Office space Herastrau Nordului Bucharest

25 December 2019 • Real estate

Available for rent 200m2 rentable area on the fifth (top) floor of a modern boutique office building in the Herastrau area of Bucharest. The building has in total 2.500 m², divided over 6 levels (G+5). It has a terrace of 200 m² located on the ground floor and 2 balconies per floor.

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BLISS Imobiliare joins as first Romanian Real Estate agency HOUSING AGENT

22 December 2019 • Real estate

BLISS Imobiliare joins HOUSING AGENT as first Romanian Real Estate agency. We are looking forward to this collaboration in our strive to make the process of moving and/or investing in Romania easier and fun offering our experience and knowledge of this very exciting and challenging market.

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CEE Investment Report Thriving Metropolitan Cities

14 October 2019 • Real estate

The stock of modern office space has been growing steadily over recent years and now totals 21.8 million sqm throughout the entire CEE region. Forecasted completions by 2021 will increase this number by a further 20% - to 26.5 million sqm. Last year’s commercial real estate investment volume across CEE reached approximately €13.2 billion, with over €5 billion deployed in the office market.

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Bucharest Romania has one of the highest seismic‐hazard levels in Europe.

3 May 2019 • Real estate

Bucharest Romania has one of the highest seismic‐hazard levels in Europe. The Municipality of Bucharest is one of the capitals with the highest seismic risk in the world. Bucharest is particularly vulnerable to seismic hazard due to: the high density of inhabitants, especially within the residential districts with blocks of flats; the old public utility fund; the out-of-date infrastructure; the numerous industrial parks that are undergoing a restructuring process, not to mention the inefficient organization of civil protection and poor education of the population regarding seismic risk.

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CEE Investment Market | H1 2019 | JLL

13 August 2019 • Real estate

Another record-breaking year for CEE? During the first six months of 2019 the CEE investment market saw a number of transactions for a total in excess of over €5.47 billion. Poland, with a nearly 50% of that amount, is the clear front-runner and it seems that, due to the extensive pipeline for H2, the country may approach the record- breaking volumes registered in 2018. In the Czech Republic, which accounted for 30% of those deals, investment appetite remains strong; however, the market there is hampered by a limited supply of prime assets and relatively high price expectations.

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Romania The country where 96% of homes are privately owned

20 November 2018 • Real estate

Romania ranks first in the world for private home ownership. But that doesn’t mean buying a home is easy. Romania touts the highest rates of home ownership in world. According to Eurostat data, 96% of Romanians live in owner-occupied dwellings. But government policies, economic shifts, fewer rental opportunities and mounting social pressure to become a homeowner means the experience of owning a home in Romania has been wildly different across generations.

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