The Floreasca neighborhood - a hidden gem in Bucharest Real Estate

14 July 2021 • Real estate

The Floreasca area is located in Sector 2 of the capital of Romania, Bucharest. Floreasca is one of the most exclusive and unique neighborhoods of Bucharest, due to the wide network of green spaces, proximity to the city center and the impressive modern architecture with a bohemian energy I BLISS Imobiliare

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How to calculate taxation on rental revenues in 2021

22 March 2021 • Real estate

The year 2021 welcomes us with an avalanche of fiscal changes, some of them with a major impact on the revenues of companies and individuals. This article will present you the way to calculate the taxation on rental revenues according to the 2021 regulations.| BLISS Imobiliare

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BLISS eyes in the SKY | Oxford Gardens Pipera | 2021

16 February 2021 • Real estate

Oxford Gardens Pipera is one of the most requested residential complexes with new expat families moving to Bucharest. Especially families with children attending the American International School of Bucharest AISB which is situated opposite, just 5 minutes walking, the Oxford Gardens compound. | BLISS Imobiliare

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Foreigners Buying Romanian Property

30 August 2018 • Real estate

There are more and more foreigners interested in purchasing real estate properties in Romania. The question is whether at this time they are able to buy land (or at least other real estate properties such as apartments) directly as in other EU legislations.

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Investment opportunity 6 times 2 rooms apartments New Point Pipera

13 February 2021 • Real estate

Investment opportunity. Company is selling 6 one bedroom apartments with parking places in the New Point Pipera complex close to the American International School of Bucharest. These apartments are fully furnished and equipped and several are rented generating direct income. | BLISS Imobiliare

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From the sky Floreasca Bucharest Romania

11 January 2021 • Real estate

Floreasca is a district in Bucharest, Romania, in Sector 2. Its name comes from Lake Floreasca, which is situated in the north of the neighborhood as well as the Floreasca Park. The Floreasca Hospital is also situated in the neighborhood, in its southern part. | BLISS Imobiliare

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Drive with BLISS: Promenada mall to Pipera Iancu Nicolae Bucharest district

13 December 2020 • Real estate

Today one of our clients, foreign investor looking to develop their first residential project in Romania, told me he can't decide between buying land in Iancu Nicolae Pipera or in the city of Bucharest. | BLISS Imobiliare

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JLL Bucharest City Report Q3 2020 | Romania during the COVID-19 pandemic

23 November 2020 • Real estate

JL, are pleased to present Bucharest City Reports covering key trends in the economy and recent trends in the investment, office, retail and industrial markets. In this edition, JLL brings you the third quarter update on Bucharest, Romania. | BLISS Imobiliare

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BREEAM Excellent Certification for Luxuria Domenii Residence Project

27 August 2020 • Real estate

The new efficiency standard in Real Estate: BREEAM Excellent Certification for Luxuria Domenii Residence Project. In Bucharest, there is only one residential project registered to receive the BREEAM Excellent Certification, offering an impressive amount of advantages: Luxuria Domenii Residence | BLISS Imobiliare

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30.09.2020 Buildings classified in various degrees of seismic risk in Bucharest

6 November 2018 • Real estate

Buildings with seismic risk in Bucharest represent an old problem on the public agenda of the capital for years. It seems that in Bucharest, in the past 27 years, the local authorities have rehabilitated only 20 buildings due to the insufficient number of specialists (only 8 people) from the mayor's office dealing with this problem. To solve this problem, the City Hall set up in 2017 two entities, with 263 employees, carrying out actions dedicated to this area.

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Colliers Romanian Real Estate: Mid-Year H1 2020 Market Update

5 August 2020 • Real estate

Colliers Romanian Real Estate: Mid-Year H1 2020 Market Update To say that things will change in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak is a big understatement: a lot of aspects of the economy will never be the same.

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COS opens showroom in Timisoara’s ISHO Offices building

26 September 2018 • Real estate

Corporate Office Solution (COS), the turn-key office specialist, will open the first showroom that the company has in the West of the country, in a generous space in the ISHO Offices building. This is the third COS showroom in Romania, the other two being functional in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca.

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Belgienii de la Liebrecht & wooD, proprietarii outletului Fashion House, investesc 24 mil. euro în 90 de locuinţe lângă Bucureşti: „Standardele româ­nilor cresc atunci când vine vorba despre achi­zi­ţia unei noi locuinţe“

27 September 2018 • Real estate

Locuinţele fac parte dintr-un proiect mai mare, de 4.500 de unităţi, care ar urma să fie construite în decurs de zece ani. Grupul belgian Liebrecht & wooD, care are în România outletul Fashion House din cartierul bucureştean Militari, investeşte într-un proiect rezidenţial gigant, cu 4.500 de locuinţe în localitatea Frumuşani de lângă Bucureşti, pe drumul către Olteniţa. Prima tranşă a investiţiei este de 24 de milioane de euro pentru mai puţin de o sută de unităţi.

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Belgian developer Yves Weerts finalized EUR 33 million office building Unirii View

2 October 2018 • Real estate

Unirii View, the tallest modern office building in downtown Bucharest, has been completed, following an investment of approximately EUR 33 million. The first companies that took up office space in the project already started to relocate their headquarters, whilst most others will follow in the immediate period.

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The 10 most-hyped new NYC buildings

4 October 2018 • Real estate

The highly anticipated 111 W. 57th St. condo, on Billionaire’s Row, launched sales last week, with prices from $18 million to over $57 million. It ends a rocky few years for the under-construction luxury project, including lawsuits accusing developers JDS and Property Markets Group (PMG) of diluting the stake of an equity partner, and infighting that disrupted a previous sales effort. At a launch event, developers distanced the tower, which has made headlines for its slender silhouette, from the drama.

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UPDATE – Romania’s central bank unveils tighter credit rules to reduce general indebtedness rates | Vasilescu: New rules to mostly affect small loans; no major change for mortgage loans

18 October 2018 • Real estate

The board of National Bank of Romania (BNR) has decided on Wednesday to limit indebtedness-to-income rates for all individuals taking loans from banks to 40 percent for RON loans and 20 percent for hard currencies loans from January 1st, 2019, the central bank said in a press release.

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Colliers to coordinate WELL certifications for buildings 2 and 3 of the Campus office project

18 October 2018 • Real estate

Find here more information about WELL Certifications! Following the success of green certifications, real estate projects are entering a new stage of evolution, focusing on the human factor present in buildings. Skanska is a pioneer in this respect, being the first developer to introduce the WELL Building standard in Romania with the latest project, which ensures a healthy interaction of the employees with the space they work in.

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Hanner’s Fosta Fabrica mixed-used real estate project obtains all permits, will be completed in 2020

3 October 2018 • Real estate

Fosta Fabrica, Hanner’s restoration and conversion project of the former Grivita brewery, also known as the Luther Beer Factory, received all necessary permits and it is expected to be completed in 2020. The project runs on an area of ​​over one hectare and includes four monuments to be restored and converted, as well as two new buildings. Fosta Fabrica is a mixed-use development that includes over 6,000 sqm of co-working and shared office space, 187 new apartments, 31 lofts, restaurants, bakery, in-situ brewery and restaurants, cocktail bar, cafes, commercial and event spaces, landscaping and parking.

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Apartment building burns down in Bucharest, developer didn’t have building permit

9 September 2018 • Real estate

An apartment building in Bucharest’s District 5 burned down on Friday night leaving 54 families homeless. None of the residents was injured, but one of the firefighters who intervened needed to be taken to the hospital. The building had been finalized in 2013 but it had no building permit and the families living in it had no ownership contract. Instead, each family had a promissory contract signed with the developer, according to Mediafa

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Residential developer plans EUR 50 mln investments in Romania

1 November 2018 • Real estate

Cordia Romania, the residential investment division of Futureal Group, has a EUR 50 million investment plan for the next year on the local market, part of a long-term development roadmap. “Romania will play a key role in the development of Cordia’s operations at regional level”, said Mauricio Mesa Gomez, CEO Cordia Romania and Member of the Board Cordia.

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Merchant's House, vestiges dating back to the 14th century

5 November 2018 • Real estate

The Merchant’s House on Turnului street in Sibiu has its beginning in the fourteenth century. It has been accurately dated by specialists after the remains of a Gothic sprocket found in the attic of the house. Located in one of the most picturesque areas of the old town, in the "Lower Town", in a historic square, the building is part of the small circle of urban residences, built between the 1300s and the 1400s. In comparison, the oldest house in Bucharest, the Melik House – currently Theodor Pallady Museum, has a history of only 250 years.

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