Major Chinese automotive component maker KSHG Auto Harness expands again through 13,000 sqm deal with CTP in Romania

22 December 2023 • News

CTP, Europe’s largest listed developer, owner, and manager of industrial and logistics properties by gross lettable area (GLA), has leased 13,000 sqm of production space at CTPark Deva II in western Romania to leading Chinese automotive component company KSHG Auto Harness.

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These are the most liveable cities in Europe

25 July 2023 • News

A great region remains great. But instability has hurt living standards in some cities | Bliss Imobiliare

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Taxe mai mari pentru firme, patroni, lucrători și consumatori (proiect de ordonanță) August 2023

1 August 2023 • News

Guvernul va crește impozitul pe venitul pe venitul unor microîntreprinderi, va majora iarăși și impozitul pe dividendele patronilor, va elimina unele facilități fiscale pentru anumiți lucrători din firme și va mai crește și taxa pe valoarea adăugată (TVA), suportată în final de consumatori, la unele produse, potrivit unui proiect de ordonanță | BLISS Imobiliare

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The “OXYGEN” Project has been Approved by Bucharest City Hall

24 October 2019 • News

The Oxygen project was approved on Thursday 24 October by the city councilors. This project intends to ban old and polluting cars from the Bucharest roads and introduces a new vignette based on pollution norms.

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NRCC Elects new Board of Directors 2019 - Mr Isfahan Doekhie Owner BLISS imobiliare elected for the tenth year!

7 March 2019 • News

The Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce has elected yesterday the new Board of Directors 2019, Congratulations to the 4 newly elected Board Members: We look forward to new beginnings and adventures!

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Romania celebrates 100 years since the Great Unification

29 November 2018 • News

In 2018 Romania celebrates 100 years since the Great Unification. 1918. It is the year with the most anniversaries of events from Romania’s multi-millennia history. The Great Unification in 1918 resulted in all the historical provinces inhabited by Romanians to get together, within one single country, Romania.

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GEFF - Romania Green Economy FF

4 October 2018 • News

Establishment of a Green Economy Financing Facility ("GEFF", the "Facility") in Romania to provide existing and new private Participating Financial Institutions ("PFIs") with credit resources in combination with comprehensive Technical Cooperation ("TC") packages.

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Drumul Taberei: Utopia Interrupted. What happened to the ideal Modernist city on the edge of Bucharest

19 September 2018 • News

With the air rank with dust, thick with exhaust and deafened by the burr of drills and car-horns, Bucharest’s western district of Drumul Taberei is a typical zone of the Romanian capital, with its monotonous slabs of concrete, anarchic parking and war on free space. Where once there was Communist centrally-planned housing, lawns and open land, now there are new churches and supermarkets, while patches of grass between the blocks are gated off by the authorities, and littered with trash. Public space is no more than corridors that thread around cars, fences and building sites.

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Genesis Property opens first outdoor pool in an office park

21 September 2018 • News

West Gate office park, owned by Genesis Property, inaugurated the first outdoor pool with runway and rollerblading in Romania, located in an office park, following an EUR 1.5 million investment. The project is not a commercial investment, but an experience mainly offered to tenant employees that the real estate developer owns in the western part of the capital. The swimming pool and terrace set within the park stretch over an area of ​​5,000 square meters.

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19 September 2018 • News

Kik, one of the most dynamic German fashion brands, opens its first shop in Romania at Prima Shops Oradea, the project developed by Oasis Retail Development & Consulting. Kik will open here a 600 sq m unit at the end of September.Prima Shops strip mall opened nearly a year and a half ago in Oradea and reported some 4 million visits ever since. The project is 100% leased. This August, another international fashion retailer, C&A opened a 1,100 sqm store within the project.

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Architects of the Extreme How the planning of Communist blocks in Bucharest changed from a western vision of functional housing to a sabotage of the city

13 September 2018 • News

To an outsider, Bucharest is a sea of uniform blocks that hustle and crush a pre-World War II city - a totalitarian nightmare encroaching on a low-level European town of rusting roofs, cracking walls and crumbling plaster. But the Romanian capital has lived through different ages of development since the Communists seized control in 1946. What started as a western-inspired Modernist vision, fuelled by the enthusiasm of young architects, changed to a cataclysmic raid on the urban environment, leaving the city fractured and traumatised. After a Revolution in 1989 kicked out the Communist regime, the city has operated only as a caretaker to its stockpile of concrete hulks, and has failed to draw up a consistent plan for urban development.

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BETA Competition 2018

4 September 2018 • News

The BETA competition is one of the main events with an euroregional opening (RO, HU, SRB) from the Timișoara architecture biennial BETA, organized by the Romanian Order of Architects – Timiș Territorial Branch.The BETA competition and its related exhibition supports and promotes quality architecture in all its forms and manifestations, being conceived as a relational interface both within the profession and between the profession and the socio-cultural environment in which it operates.

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How Romanian tourists have changed over the past 21 years: from jars with food to all-inclusive

17 August 2018 • News

The behavior of Romanian tourists over the last two decades has changed drastically: if 21 years ago, the Romanians were leaving by coaches, sleeping in cheap hotels and taking junk luggage, they are now looking for all inclusive holidays in 4 and 5-star hotels and destinations around the world: from Turkey, to China and Thailand, to Cuba or the Dominican Republic, according to a Christian Tour analysis.

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How to live like a Local in Bucharest

10 August 2018 • News

Lonely Planet Local Monica Suma recently moved back to her native Bucharest after 12 years abroad. Drawn by the urban revival and cultural effervescence, this former New Yorker enjoys strolling through the back alleys of interwar Bucharest, searching for the hidden haunts, delicious eats and ever-present festivals.

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World Experience Festival in Bucharest brings together embassies, cultural institutes this fall

8 August 2018 • News

World Experience Festival, the fourth edition of the Embassies’ Festival, will bring together 70 embassies, cultural institutes, international organizations, ethnic communities and national minorities, as well as more than 80 artists from around the world this fall.

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7 August 2018 • News

Hello and welcome to Transylvania Beyond's guide to starting a small business in Transylvania. If you're looking to start a company or if you are already building one and want to read more about the relocation opportunities, this is the place to start.

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Tenant obligations

6 August 2018 • News

According to art. 1799 The new Civil Code, the holder is obliged to use the goods taken for tenancy with caution and diligence and according to the purpose established by the contract. Taking into account the above stipulations, the tenant will not be able to change the purpose of the rented space except with the lessor's consent.

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Unlocking Romania's Potential

6 August 2018 • News

For nearly two years, frontier market Romania has been on index provider FTSE's watch list for a possible upgrade to emerging-market status. However, some issues remain over the market's attractiveness for foreign investors. Johan Meyer, senior vice president and CEO of Franklin Templeton Investment Management Ltd UK, Bucharest Branch, shares what he thinks it could take for Romania to make the cut.

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Stress and organizations: shedding light on the (real!) causes beneath stress-ridden businesses

1 August 2018 • News

Every day I read in the press and in the social media (LinkedIn top first) articles and advice about the management of time and priorities (I wrote one myself “The importance of time in companies: how to manage it at its best”).

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Employee benefits in Romania: gift vouchers, corporate sports, spas & sabbaticals

19 July 2018 • News

Salaries and working conditions are not the only subject employers and employees negotiate during a job interview nowadays. Amid a growing shortage of specialists, the benefits that companies in Romania offer for the loyalty of their employees are more and more diverse and creative.

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Developer plans to expand logistics park near Bucharest to 1 mln sqm

17 July 2018 • News

CTP, the biggest logistics and industrial real estate developer and investor in Romania, plans to turn its CTPark Bucharest West logistics park into the biggest such facility in Eastern Europe.

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