Domenii 1 May Bucharest | Developing area for business and housing

14 October 2021 • Article

Domenii 1 May Bucharest | Developing area for business and housing

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Domenii 1 Mai is a neighborhood located in sector 1 of Bucharest. One of the most elegant places in Bucharest, the Domenii District was considered from the beginning as an area of ​​elites, regardless of the regimes that ruled Romania.

It stretches between Calea Grivitei and Pavel D. Kiseleff Road on the east-west direction and on the north-south direction it stretches between the Agronomy Park and Blvd. Mareșal Alexandru Averescu.

The positioning is relatively central, being easily accessible both from the city and from the outskirts. Next to the park of the Faculty of Agronomy and next to Herăstrău Park, it has easy access to public transport and is served by all the necessary commercial functions.

A clean and safe area for Bucharest with its interwar charm that is still present. (1)

The plot plan, approved in 1923, included the construction of individual villas, but also of other structures: church, school, hall and cooperative. The plot was equipped from the very beginning with water, sewerage and electric lighting, advantages quite rare in Bucharest at the beginning of the 20th century. (2)

Until recently, it was a homogeneous area, as a function it was strictly residential, but in recent years, company headquarters have also started to appear.

In this excellent location you will find, through its exclusivity, restaurants, boutiques, shops, terraces, bohemian and lively cafes, cultural centers and museums, parks and gardens. (1)


The Domenii - Exhibition area is one of the oldest in Bucharest, full of historical buildings that hide untold, sometimes forgotten stories. The name of the neighborhood is related to the development period corresponding to the years 1920 - 1940 and the houses were dedicated to the Bucharest elite of the time.

The history of the Domenii area has its anchor in 1916, when an area of ​​7 ha located outside the city, part of the Herăstrău Estate, was parceled out, and the first lots  were sold to employees of the Ministry of Agriculture and Domains (hence the name: Domilor Park).

The neighborhood is in sector 1 of the capital, one of the most desirable residential areas both in the interwar period and today.

The villas in the "Park" of the Domains were built in different architectural styles: neo-Romanian, art deco, modernist, cubist / bauhaus.

Also in the interwar period, the rest of the North area of ​​the Capital is outlined with Kiseleff Road, completed by Filipescu Park, Bonaparte Park, and between the current Aviatorilor neighborhood and Herăstrău Lake, the third park is outlined. (3)


Currently, the Domains - Exhibition area is becoming the new business hub of Bucharest and attracts investments in the field of new technologies.

The upward trend and the constant demand for new apartments that correspond to the highest current housing standards will be maintained in the coming years and from this perspective investing in a home in sector 1 is a unique opportunity.

Sumptuous buildings occupy the Exhibition area, setting up a local Manhattan: Expo Business Park (38,000 sqm), Ana Towers (35,000 sqm), City Rose Park, Central Park Residencial and Atenor, a project that will be developed on a plot of 11,500 square meters, totaling 46,900 square meters of office space. (3)


By the end of 2021, approximately 156,000 square meters of Class A office space and approximately 1,500 new homes could be built in the Romexpo Exhibition Area, in the four projects that have already received building permits. To these will be added mixed projects in the planning phase, which could bring another 100,000 square meters of offices and over 1,000-1,500 homes in the next 5-10 years.

In addition to the Impact company, led mainly by Gheorghe Iaciu, the Exhibition area attracted, like a magnet, a series of relevant projects, with a future perspective, which raise the level of the area and give confidence in the value of real estate investments. (3)

Close to nature

Domenii Park was designed based on the principles of the garden city. Developed at the end of the 19th century, especially in Great Britain, the garden city was one of the first urban planning exercises that took into account the importance of nature in the harmony of the city.

In the Domenii area there are shelters for nature lovers, the general surface benefiting from generous green spaces, ideal to spend quality time with your loved ones outdoors. Herăstrău Park, Kiseleff Park, Regina Maria Park, Ciresarii Sports Base.

The excellent location in the capital facilitates access to the most important landmarks.

  • To the north is the exit from Bucharest to Otopeni Airport, a modern route that gives you access to travel to any holiday destination.
  • Close to Herăstrău Park are commercial spaces and top educational institutions, as well as public transport, nearby are the subway station Stefan cel Mare and Victoriei Square.

The Domenii area is a vibrant location, famous for its green spaces and developed commercial area, being an exclusive and safe neighborhood, ideal for businessmen, diplomats, young professionals who are looking for a premium residence in the active area of ​​Bucharest.

  • Among the attractions are the Caşin Monastery, the Iolanda Balas Soeter Sports Complex, the Triumphal Arch.

Among the best schools and educational units are:

  • Tudor Vianu National and International College, “Nicolae Iorga” Theoretical High School, ILSC Language Center, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, “Ion Neculce” National College, Bucharest Faculty of Biotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Horticulture.
  • Karin’s Kids Academy Kindergarten, Smurfs Academy, Bebe Kindergarten, Cami Kindergarten, Kluge Kinder Kindergarten, Hänsel and Gretel Kindergarten, “Pia Bratianu” Gymnasium School, Petre Ispirescu Gymnasium School, Geo Bogza Gymnasium School.

Public transport

It is served by 1 Mai and Grivita metro stations, 1 Mai Station being one of the most important metro stations in Bucharest, because it is the closest station to the airports Aurel Vlaicu in Băneasa and Henri Coandă in Otopeni, taking over a large flow of people from the Free Press market area but also from other peripheral areas of Bucharest, especially Grivița and Bucureștii Noi. (4)

The Domenii area has a means of transport that facilitates access to the capital:

  • Two tram lines (24, 25)
  • Subway station (M2, M4)
  • Bus stations:

              ○ Domenii Square (205, 282, 300, T6)

              ○ Sandu Aldea (300)

              ○ Vasile Gherghel (205, 282, 300, T6)

              ○ Aviator Popisteanu (300, T6, 105)

From an architectural point of view, the Domenii neighborhood combines Neo-Romanian and ArtDeco styles.

At first, the dominant style was the Neo-Romanesque, but gradually the Art Deco style became predominant, the Domenii District having some of the most successful examples of this architectural style in the whole country.

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