The New Roaring 20s

24 February 2021 • Article

The New Roaring 20s

At the beginning of last year, we hoped that 2020 could be the year real estate goes to the next level. Instead, we experienced a year like never before.

There were and still are difficult and complex times. However, the way we handle the pressure can positively change our long-term perspectives. You can either look at your obstacle and see a dead end, or, on the contrary, see a new challenge.

We have just started a new decade and I am convinced that the next 10 years are a great challenge, but also a great opportunity, perhaps one that Romania has not had for a very long time.

Let the new roaring 20s begin!

The full Colliers Research and Forecast Report for 2021 - The New Roaring 20s -

Source: Colliers