Foreigners Buying Romanian Property

30 August 2018 • Real estate

Foreigners Buying Romanian Property

Vlad Cuc

Can foreign EU citizens purchase property in Romania? What about non-EU citizens?

There are more and more foreigners interested in purchasing real estate properties in Romania. The question is whether at this time they are able to buy land (or at least other real estate properties such as apartments) directly as in other EU legislations.

Law No. 312/2005 stipulates the conditions in which European Union citizens (as well as non-EU foreign citizens), are able to purchase Romanian land.

This is article 4 of the above-mentioned Law translates: “The citizen of a member state without legal residency in Romania, the stateless non-resident having residency in an European Union country and the non-resident foreign legal entity (company) incorporated per the stipulations of the EU legislations, are able to gain ownership on land for secondary residences, respectively secondary headquarters, in a term of 5 years after Romania has joined the European Union”.

The Law differentiates depending on the type of land. For example the persons or legal entities mentioned above can only gain ownership of Romanian forests, agricultural land after 7 years from the date Romania has joined the EU. (This last stipulation is not applied to foreign farmers who are able to prove their statute as farmers in their home countries).

What if purchasing an apartment in Romania?

Buying an apartment in Romania automatically implies buying the adjacent part (a percentage) of the land on which the building stands upon. As a result even if theoretically foreign European Union citizens would be able to acquire apartments directly, practically it is not yet possible without a Romanian company or without having at least legal residency in the country (this is a more recent interpretation of the Law).

What about non-EU citizens?

The non-EU-foreign-citizen is able to own real estate properties in Romania in conditions of reciprocity based only on international treaties between the countries; however they cannot acquire ownership of Romanian land in more favorable conditions then citizens of the European Union.

Source: Romanian Law Office